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tv   [untitled]    July 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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been on technical service for all of these years. >> nobody came and challenged it up to this time? >> i did not hear of it until now. i am glad to have this reappear on my desk. >> special inspections are very expensive. it's a burden that small homeowners -- if it can be avoided, there should be some consideration where it is split, commercial, residential, and at the discretion of the land checker. the plan checker will understand -- we do have these bulletins so you don't have asking indiscriminately for special inspection.
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>> also the size of the building -- >> we have to make some deviations from the awning, a canopy and a small sign. >> there needs to be clearer directions for the plan checker because the natural thing for the plant sector to do is check his own but and passed on to special inspection with total disregard for the owner. >> that was the reason we wanted to develop these bulletins. >> thank you very much. >> any public comment on item number seven?
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>> we will just continue it? >> promotion? -- a motion? >> i make a motion to continue it until after the structural committee hears it. >> [roll-call] >> the motion to continue the item passes. item #8 is the records report. an update on the finances. >> i'm the deputy director of the department of building inspection. the report in front of you is for year to date through may
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2011, which is a 11 months. we have 11 -- we have about three weeks left in the fiscal year. we continue to see a flow increase in charges for services and we are projecting a surplus there. we have seen this year a slower rate of requests for refunds. most requests for refunds are small items. the most would-be 13 to $20,000. two years ago, we saw them in the $100,000 to $150,000 refunds for very small projects. in terms of expenditures, we have continued to have difficulty in getting our requisitions approved and
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getting list to add positions. we are close to hiring engineers and we have some other requisitions that are very close to getting through. we are showing a little more in terms of savings in non personal services and savings and supplies. we historically have been slow in materials and supplies predominantly because we have gotten our staff used to the bare bones and they want to try to be economical. we are working on looking at what still needs to be purchased this fiscal year. we are still seeing that we have
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other departments paying us for the services they are obligated to pay us. even though it looks like it is in a deficit position, it is primarily because of funding work orders that we have where other departments are paying money but we do not have to do the services because it's on an as needed basis. they set up a mechanism for our work, but if it is not required, we don't build it and they don't pay yes. -- they don't pay us. we're talking about a $6 million amount at the end of the year and when that goes into the fund balance, the first thing we need to do is look at all of the permits that have been issued and make sure we set aside sufficient funds to be able to continue to work on those.
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in the last couple of years when the economy was going badly, we had to pay for current work on something that was filed many years ago. we were using current revenues to pay for that. the first thing that comes off the top of this $6 million is the calculation for the deferred credit. we still may seek changes in work orders. we are projecting to spend the full amount in work orders, but the other departments, if they seek workers' compensation or something like that, they will not bill last for costs that were not incurred. this is subject to change, as you know. although we close at the fiscal year at the end of the month,
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there are changes that occur and we will let you know after we do some of these calculations what we are looking at. any questions? >> this $6.6 million surplus, is that projected? >> yes. we do not know until your actually closes and we'd do deferred credits and we get the bills in. this is the projected. >> would that include the fee coming in from high-speed rail? >> the joint powers board has paid us for a planned review
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activity over the past year. that includes everything, the work they have submitted to us and we will be deferring some of that, but variable of its because you only defer in the case where you have not done all the work associated with whatever they submitted a job as. they had permits for plan review for buttress and for shoring. when they come in and submit it and we did review, we bill them, we get the money and is included. >> but they have not picked up
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their permit yet? >> they have not submitted their permit nor has it been planned for the high-speed train station or the ground structure. that is expected to come in august. that is about 8 $5 million project. >> is that part of the 6.6 -- >> is not. >> that's the answer i wanted. >> how do we make the objective decision to defer a certain amount of the fee? is that based on a percentage basis or is that based on some lump sum? >> there is a detailed calculation that includes the number of years the permit has been there, so there is a specific amount put into deferred credits. there is a certain amount for
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inspections put into deferred credits. what happens is you have to look at how much you need to put into it and how much is coming out. after a permit is done, if it has been seven years, the cost of the permit goes into the fund balance. since we've got all these other permits in this year, we have to calculate how much has to go into the deferred credit. it is a very detailed program we have put together to do the calculation. it is not subjective. >> i don't see anything in there for training. for training staff or learning the new code, building inspectors --
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>> this is the current year. the current year, you would not be able to see how much we spent on that because it is rolled up into non-personal services in the details. we can provide you a further level of detail if you let us -- >> i would like to see that and i would like to find out if the department is going to bring a trainer here or if you are going to send people out. i had a discussion with some of the commissioners and we think it would be better if you brought a trainer and late rather than sending people to various parts of the state's and all that other stuff. you might want to take that into consideration. >> this last year, we have done both -- there is training going
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on this week and we do things close by. >> i know there is training going on in san louis obispo and they're not coming back in the evening. >> the training going on in san louis obispo is specialized training for emergency management. they will not do that in house. it's a program put on by the state and people have to attend that for a full week. there are specialized training that cannot be brought in house. we have people going into sacramento right now, and it is put on by the state. they do not do it in house. in some cases, we do have to send people to specialized training. >> for instance, the plumbing. we brought an instructor in to do the plumbing code changes
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training. >> i would like to know what's going on. i just got some answers. thank you for that. >> may be on your report next month, there would be a global summary of where the trading had been done this year and maybe what is projected for the balance of the year, given it is that barry did to the non personal services category. at least we will know what percentage of cost would be relative to the projected revised budget. >> i have one more question. could you let us know about any new hires in the last 30 days or in the next 30 days? >> we are doing file -- we're
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doing final interviews for an engineer. >> i can't hear you. >> this is as loud as i could talk. >> i have that hearing. >> we have an engineer going through the final interviews this week. >> what kind of engineer? >> civil. a civil engineer. >> was there a mechanical? >> there were too mechanical engineers promoted from within. their vacant positions will be refilled. there will be to more mechanical engineers coming in. >> to electrical engineers star -- to electrical inspectors started this week.
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there are some clerks that will be -- the advertisement is going out posted for two weeks and then we start the process. but that is not going to happen until after july. >> and the duties of this civilian engineer? >> he is a plan checker in the plan check division. it is and other civil engineer plan checker. >> that's it for me. >> commissioners? >> with the budget from the mayor right now, is there any threat to those clerks we're going to hire or because it has been approved and we're waiting for it? >> it does not affect any for
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this year. the budget analyst puts out a report toward the end of the weekend we are still negotiating with them on what will be on their first cut sheet. i like to explain their first cut sheet is like throwing pasta on the wall to see what sticks and what does not stick. we have a hearing on the 20th and another hearing on the 27th. in the meantime, we will try to negotiate cuts down to the minimum we can. >> earlier this year, we had a whole list that summarize close to under 100 positions being suggested to be filled, ranging from clerical -- it was some
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list you had submitted. >> there are couple of things we know. the first thing we know is it we know what is budgeted. we can give you a list of the budgeted positions once we know what they are. we will know until the full board makes their actions in july. but that. the second thing that we know is what vacancies we have going into the card of the year. we also know that we have to keep a certain number of positions vacant. that is just a number. it is not itemize. we do go through and try to do the best guess of what we can delay in order so that we can keep attrition. the thing that we do not know is how long it will take if we submit a requisition to get it
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from the beginning to the end. this was an extraordinary year. of the 12 years where we have had situations where you have somewhat -- actually submit a requisition, it is an excessively long. dhr resources have done quite a bit of work to establish lists so that it will not take so long. in telling you who is going to -- what position will be hired at any given time is really a crapshoot. we can do our best to give you that information. >> we can give you the information based on the positions we have intended to fill throughout the year. we can do that for next meeting.
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it has improved quite a bit. we are still short one cashier on the floor. can we do something about that? >> that is part of the position that is intended to be filled. >> definitely. >> any other -- >> i just want to thank you for your contract negotiations. >> skip to that. i did not print out a new list for the calendar. nothing has changed. we have met with them several times. we are trying to make some decisions on a couple of items.
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it is rolling along and their legal is getting ready to mitt -- meet with our legal. they are anxious to get a contract, which is good. >> one other question i wanted to ask -- earlier there seemed to be a flacco -- there seem to be a lack of what we could attract and assign numbers to. is there some modification down the line? an opportunity to ask this feature be added? to expand the ability of the system? through which we could also monitor and track nov? >> the current system allows for tracking numbers immediately. the clerk putting the number into the system will be the same. we do have the ability with a
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newer system to have online complaint entering with an automatic number coming out. you will have your number automatically as you enter the complaint. >> thank you. >> the schematics system metope -- system? the president said you were strongly involved? >> we have -- a sorry -- we -- there are a few more people to train who have been extremely busy on their other duties. we have to free them up and train a few more people. we have the staff that we are hiring to be involved and we
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have been waiting to have the staff by an order to do the actual implementation. to be able to train everyone. >> monitoring 1 and 5, will there be an old source? >> there is one on the fourth floor, for records. in the far future or the long future, the intent would be to have them on the other floors. those were the main floors where we had individuals coming in. >> even with all of the different departments, can we handle code information for housing, building, fire? dsm? cashiers? it will be a nightmare trying to
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get this to work. the dmv, you go to the dmv and it works perfectly. people go and get their driver's license and registration. two things. this is going to be an entirely this facility. >> we have done extensive training for of all of the departments. the fourth floor is just over in records. the people were cautiously enthusiastic. you never know what will happen when you first put in a system. there is always a shakeout. the involvement of the staff has been super. and i hope that we prove you
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wrong and that it works. >> staff is only as good as the trainer. is there an expert putting this together? >> yes, she worked extremely closely with steps -- with staff. there was also a week of training where a person came out and train people, giving them an overview. that occurred first. and then we had the on the spot people on the for getting trained and individual training in groups. there will be people available to help the public throughout the process. >> is there a time line on implementation >> some of it depends on -- implementation? >> some of it depends.
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in hiring the staff, we get the list and then we have to do a canvassing of the list and gauge the interest in coming here for an interview. the posting takes two weeks. canvassing can take another week. we are talking about the beginning of september. >> what about training the staff that we have? >> we do not have sufficient staff on the first floor to get people to come and help out, to get the numbers and make sure that people get up to the floors. >> i think that the commission would like to have a date on when this will be up and running. two years from now. three years from now.
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we cannot blame city contracts. this is something we are running with ourselves. we should be able to implement it. the president brought in and gave a demonstration, the president of the small but -- business of administration at the time, gave a demonstration on the phone system where you could call and to book your appointment time for inspection. what ever happened to that? >> it has been implemented for six months to eight months. >> i do not think so. >> the system has been implemented. >> then why is there not a bulletin going out so that the people know? >> there are brochures and it is on the web site. >> everything is on the met -- website?
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i would like to see a memo or an e-mail saying that this is up and running. no more questions. >> commissioners pedipalp thank you -- commissioners? thank you. >> the item 8b. >> there is no update on proposed legislation right now. >> to clarify, a item 8b, is that right? is there any public comment on items 8 a, b, or c? seeing no one, commissioners question and matters. commissioners can question staff regarding policies, practices, and procedures that are of interest to the commission.
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>> other than to reiterate the category on the business side of taking care of future thoughts and controlling them. thank you. >> item 9b, future meetings and agendas. the commission met access and take to issue the issues that will be placed on the future meetings of the building inspection commission. the next regular meeting is on july 1. >> thank you.
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>> i would like to reach out to planning again. i know we have proposed joint meetings in the past, but we did not hear back from them. maybe we could reach out to the officers in that commission and get the secretary as well. >> following up on that, they communicate. >> i had spoken [unintelligible] -- i had spoken to president [unintelligible] and she is aware that we had been trying for get this done since the beginning of the year. i said that we should try to get it done sooner. >> we will follow up. >>